Ergonomics – Product Design

What is Ergonomics and why should I know about it? Well this is a question to be asked to yourself if you are a services provider or a manufacturer. Ergonomics is designing products, services or environment based on the human needs, behaviour or usage. Following are the 5 important dimensions which better define Ergonomics –… Read More »

Famous Atheists

Many people throughout history have not believed in a god or gods. Famous atheists such as Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins are well known. There are many other famous people who also do not believe in any of the gods. Below is a short list of famous atheists along with a brief biography. Christopher Hitchens… Read More »

Amazon Prime Air: Drone Delivery Coming to a City Near You

When Amazon was launched, it began as a online bookstore. Outside the span of economic opportunity was the chance of enhancing the buyer experience by widening the customers' choice. Creating the world's first online bookstore was recognizing that, in 1995, you could not walk into any bookstore in the world and be able to review… Read More »

Leadership: What's It All ABOUT?

Thousands of books, articles, and periodicals, have discussed a variety of aspects, assets and theories of leadership. While this certainly demonstrates a considerable amount of interest, as well as a need, on the topic, it also has tended to confuse potential leaders, with sometimes conflicting ideas, methods and concepts! Because I strongly believe in the… Read More »

Maryland Passport – Where to Apply For a Passport in Maryland

Maryland residents who need to get US passports can do so at several different locations. The majority of Maryland's cities and towns have at least one passport application acceptance facility. Most are located at post offices but they can sometimes be found at public libraries and government offices of the city or county. The authorized… Read More »

Psychology – A Science As Well As an Art

Psychology is commonly defined as 'scientific' study of human behavior and cognitive processes. Broadly speaking the discussion focuses on the different branches of psychology, and if they are indeed scientific. However, it is integral in this to debate to understand exactly the major features of a science, in order to judge if psychology is in… Read More »

Change the World – Start Something That Matters

My tagline is Work Happy, Love Happy, and Change the World. One of the people who has inspired me to change the world is Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes. I heard Blake speak at Willow Creek Community Church a couple of years ago, and was truly motivated to change how I do business. Ahhh,… Read More »